February 16, 2018

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okay calm down.

firstly, please turn that sucker up to nice, high definition. makes it much better.
secondly, i've found that listening with headphones definitely gives you the peaceful vibes i was going for.
thirdly (??), now that i've SOMEWHAT got the hang of this, i'm going to try and shoot some more out. so just keep your eye on that channel, if you would. also trying to get some new design stuff that isn't grainy. why is my whole world grainy. 

if anybody wants to make me a channel art thing, be my guest.

OH, and i suppose now is a good point not to talk about the fact that my real name, is in fact, not adelaide. woops.

alright. love you guys. 
thanks for being patient.

or technically
but whatever it's


  1. how utterly lovely, adelaide/gracie <3 <3 <3 i am so impressed!! i love all the vibesss in the song + filming and your voice is SO GOOD. like WOWOWOWOW. i just keep replaying this song over and over. it's just pure loveliness itself.
    hope you make more songs soon!!!

    sophy xx of sophyslighthouse.blogspot.com

  2. WHOA. My mind is seriously blown right now. Your voice, is pure loveliness I can't even express it to you!!! LIKE MAN. This song is so gorgeous...and the video and EVERYTHING. It's all so amazing, girlie. I simply cannot WAIT to see more! And what is your real name? AND who is the girl in the video??
    Amazing, just...amazing. xxxx

  3. this is so lovely <3 your voice is so calming :)

  4. OH MY GOSH. Your voice is beautiful and so soothing. wow. wow. so impressed

  5. Your voice is so calming and lovely and your lyrics are amazing and wowowowow congratulations on your absolutely beautiful piece of art!

  6. oh my stars.
    this is mind blowing.
    i've had it stuck in my brain all day, have watched it like at least five times, and am in love with it.
    i need moreeeeeee.

    thank you.


  7. I have NO WORDS. This is so beautiful and calming. It makes me want to go sit on a roof with a friend at golden hour and talk about life.


  8. Hai I just want you to know I was your fan before it was cool ;-)


be kind.