October 31, 2016

i saw you again

i saw you again today.

you walked right by me.
your eyes accidentally ran into mine, like a hand brushing against another, and i think it shocked us both. it had been so long.

and i had to look up at you.

it had never been that way before.
it was always us, looking right into each other's eyes, cocky grins on our faces.

you opened my juice box with your pocket knife
we pedaled our bikes in circles around each other, howling into summer.
i ran into you at the top of the stairs
and for one second, we were both breathing so hard
smiling the same old smile
and i swear i thought it would never change.

i saw you again today.

and maybe you didn't care.
maybe it was easier to just keep going. to just look past me, to the next face, wishing this town wasn't so small.
because you got tall. and i grew into my smile.
and if our younger hearts could look at us now, they would laugh at the way we have grown apart.

but maybe you went home, and you sat on your bed, and you wondered if i forgot.
i didn't. i didn't forget any of it.

i never do.

and when i see you
out there on the street
i always turn around to watch you go.

because part of me still misses you.
maybe it always will.



  1. *sobsssss* ohhhkay this is like too real

  2. Eeee! So pretty, Adelaide! <3


  3. WHAT. Oh. This. This makes my heart hurt. <3

  4. i feel this always, but especially in the fall, it seems. maybe because when everything is dying, we remember every piece of us that we have left behind when we realized they wouldn't return for it - or for us. this is beautiful, as always. aching, haunting, and so very real. x

    1. it's so true. summer is so fast and so bright and i forget everything in my little girl bliss. but that's why i need autumn so much. because it's time to remember. and i'm bad at doing that. thanks love. x

  5. This is real life, and it is beautiful.

  6. Ahhhh, this is so good.

    With love and all joy,
    Allie D.

  7. 'your eyes accidentally ran into mine' WOW that's amazing. so bittersweet. so beautiful.

  8. its so beautiful and lovely and aaahhhhhhhhh my fave ever of your writing, i think. <3 <3
    (your new blog design is darling btw)

    1. i have tingles in my fingers because that means the world to me. <3
      (i wuv it too.)

  9. you hit me right in the feeeeels and I don't think I will ever recover. help. this was gorgeous. <3

    1. dying laughing. tell me about it girl. thank ye. <3

  10. This actually is one of the best things I've read all week. This was amazing <3

  11. wow....your writing is so beautiful and..real.<3

  12. I honestly just want to go cry right now because wow this is beautiful and so darn relatable. I've been binge-reading blogs today and this is definitely my favorite thing that I've read. <3

  13. I've been trying 'some sort' of poetry lately...not very good but I'm so working on it ;).

    I'd be complimented if you checked out my blog and left a note to let me know you stopped by ;).

  14. OKAY but i've missed WAY too much of these good stuff???
    don't mind me as i unashamedly stalk your blog <3

    *reads & rereads & hopes these words and feelings stick in my small little heart forever*


be kind.