September 24, 2016

not to change

i realized it, i guess.
that time, and being distant from everyone you had,
does change you.
i know you don't want it to.
but it does.

and you get a little quieter.
(even though you laugh harder when they watch.)

and you get a little softer.
(even though your thoughts are still sword and shield.)

and you get a little older.
(even though your eyes are younger than ever.)

and if you came to my house today,
i think you would notice.
because i did change.
it's been too quiet around here
not to change.

but if you came to my house today
(sometimes i look around the corner as if i still hope you will.)
i would put down my silence
and i would run into your arms
and i would tell you:

"this ache is the same
as it was yesterday.
and i will carry it


fifteen days. it has been the longest fifteen days of my life.
i missed you all.


  1. this is beautiful, so beautiful. i know how it is for distance to quieten and age oneself. i am glad you are back! i have missed seeing you on my dashboard. <3

  2. I LOVE THIS. You have some wicked talent!

  3. this is so lovely <3 the repetition in stanzas 2-4 is my favorite part.

    evelyn clickman @ if these stars shall fall

  4. wowowowowow. you blow my mind, supernova.

    1. HELP MY LUNGS. that is the best thing i've heard in FOREVER. xx

  5. dude. I feel like this was written for me or something because it hits so close and makes me want to cry and flail and ughh you're amazing. <3

  6. asdfghjkl yahwidslka

    how do you do this
    howwww how ow


  7. Everything about this is beautiful. I wish there were more poetry blogs in the world.


be kind.