September 9, 2016

don't go

i sat down when it was over
and i waited till the dusk.

to see if the garden would show me
the things it kept in rust.

all my life i'd felt the echoes
believed, with fire, the truth.

that it wasn't summer i loved the most.
but the summer that held you.

and now that autumn haunts me
i see the pages i loved best.

the book is shutting on my younger life
but opening for the next.

i'm laughing in the milky dark.
it's full of things you know.

and in my heart is my only chord

don't go.
don't go.
don't go.


this is a sorry to all of the blogger fam i haven't emailed in ten years. i'm a dying senior. help me. (jk but i am really busy.) love you all.

pps photos by sissy.


  1. Oh no, senior year! Watch out! i LOVED this poem however haha it's still summer! We have got until the 22th!

  2. oooo it rhymes, so very nice, sunlight spills over me but is a matter of hours before the moon greets us again. Summer hasn't begun it's descent yet here but somewhere soon, I'm sorry i haven't written either soooooon. <3<3<3

  3. ahh. i love how this rhymes. i love the lyrical beauty of it! and i was a dying senior last year and take my word for it - you'll live. :)
    (also how do you get the moon to show up on your camera?!?)

  4. I love this so much <3 the pictures are so gorgeous too and go so good together with the words.

  5. So beautiful...I love the line "I'm laughing in the milky dark..." agh you are such a good writer.

  6. I so loved this. Those pictures too, beautiful.

  7. has anyone seen my heart


  8. Beautiful pictures and poem! Loveee <3

  9. I love this so much. The line "the book is shutting on my younger life
    but opening for the next" really rang true for me earlier this year, as it has many times before. New chapters are simple new opportunities.

    Posting to Twitter for National Poetry Day. :)


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