July 13, 2016

ask for him

the Holy Spirit.
ask for Him.
He'll come.

your voice shook.
i could feel Him on you.
taste Him.
it was like He was on your fingertips
and you were pressing them to my eyes.

but it's been so long.
and how can i be that bold?

ask for Him.

your voice shook.
you reached out and grabbed my hand.

and then you stuck it into the fire.

i winced at first.
and it hurt.
it hurt so, so badly.

because it's been so long.
and i don't deserve the fire.

you don't.

the Holy Spirit.
do you feel Him?
i can see Him.

the pressure is lifted from my eyes.
and you are gone.

it's just Him.
i fall to my knees.
into the fire.
and it licks around my hair,
warm against my skin
like a summer without end.

Your waves and breakers have swept over me.
could it be You?
stay with me always.



  1. ..woah. This is incredible.xx<3

  2. i feel the spirit in this galskdfjsldkfjdslk <333333333333

  3. beautiful! I love the way you described your experience with the Holy Spirit. I asked for and received the Holy Spirit's guidance in my life and it was a very exciting experience. Wonderful post!

    O | Life as a Young Lady

  4. soul on fire

    that's our prayer

    more than a feeling or a thought

    a life

    a core

    an essence

    beautiful thoughts and words


be kind.