June 14, 2016


i stand in the sun, feeling the rocks in my shoes, and i hear the sound of a car pulling up.

i whirl around.

because if you came back, if by some strange turn of events you came back...
what will i say? how will i change what i already said?
i already said so much.
and i said nothing at all.
in four basic chords, i played every song in my heart
and sat before the Maker on a bucket.

everything feels different.

i stand in the sun, feeling the rocks in my shoes, and i hear the sound of a car pulling up.

hope is a chasm edge, full and final, but dark as pitch.
it is not the fact that i cannot see.
not the fact that i cannot know.
but i will jump.
i will be pushed.
because it is all in for the likes of us.
and hope goes so deep.

it's not you.

i grin up at the Colorado sky.
for the Maker is good
and though i am forgetful, though i never see those faces again,
i will praise Him still.
because hope is a chasm edge.

and i am falling.


lolz to the person who read this post before it was the post it is now. 
love you.


  1. This reminds me of shoulders by for King and country is so AJSKDKEJSISB beautiful. Agh.the scattered prayer and begging the tears to stay away is *relates* I love that part


  2. thdsailfjdslfjilnkjf

    This makes me miss High School camp a few weeks ago... The details and depictions that you created are marvelous. I can almost feel the hot sun sunning my shoulders even though I'm in bed and it's almost midnight.

    i love this. <3

  4. ack ack that last paragraph owwwwwwwwww

  5. Your writing is always so gorgeous, love it:) <3

  6. Beautiful! Absolutely marvelous!!! <3

    Amelia xx

  7. Yes to that last paragraph. He is good.

    Also, I really like your word picture of hope - it describes it so well. xx

  8. can i marry your blog?
    pls and thanks.

  9. You gals are just too cute. <3 And your writing . . . agh! Gorgeous, as usual!

    Sophia xx


be kind.