May 19, 2016


but if you follow the deer-paths?
deep, deep down into the throbbing heart of the woods.

you come across that poem
that you've been waiting for all your life.

you are safe here.
so you lie down on the sweet grass and let the moss grow over you,
until the wind blows your bones away.

He sees me.
but my ribs are like trees that haven't blossomed yet.
white trees.
and only the God of the stars would have the heart to believe something could grow from them.


hey homies. how was thursday? much love and strawberries and lilacs.
i've been missing cally lately.


  1. Ah, these photos are just fantastic! And this is definitely one of my favorite pieces you have written. <3 <3

    Sophia xx
    A Lantern In Her Hand
    The Inkpot Girl

  2. LOVE these photos! So beautiful. As well as the words.

  3. waafAGHHHHHHHHHHHASAAAAAAAAA. our God is so good. and so...loving? full of wonder? goodness? all of it in one. we both know it down to the bones that live beneath our skin.

    thursday was the color of clear water. today was a nothing day. a yawning and watching the sun day. and baby, i'm exhausted. *sleeps on your lap*

    p.s. cally has been missing you too. some days it hurts too much so she runs like it is all she knows. bc she's a baby. u kno it.

  4. *FOREVER SCREAMING* Help you have too much talent.

    Ellie | On the Other Side of Reality

  5. Same here, Sophie! The bird house really is sweet, and it almost just makes your heart ache!

    The poem is beautiful, everything about it so true.

    Amelia xx

  6. holyyyyy. "and only the God of the stars would have the heart to believe something could grow from them."

    my poor heart what have you done???

  7. Ah ah ah such beautiful photos and words and layout. Love the last line especially - "God of the stars." <3

  8. i am a day late, so it is not thursday- however, it *is* friday, and friday has been grand.
    grand like your words, and grand like cally

  9. What is the reasoning behind your poems layout? Just wondering. Also great photos!

  10. Words words words and beautiful beautiful beautiful-- you got me babbling and sobbing uncontrollably. It's Sunday, and I'm currently writing about children, which is bittersweet, because it is about them growing up. :(

    xoxo Morning

  11. well aren't you something else
    today is subtlety crazy <3<3<3<3<3<3
    keep on keepin' on

  12. girl I LOVE THIS. "my ribs are like trees that haven't blossomed yet" AAAAHHHH. <3

  13. These photos are so beautiful and the writing matches perfectly... I've missed reading your posts and it was so great to catch up :) xx

  14. duuude. "The throbbing heart of the woods" <3

    also is it just me or are the lilacs especially beaut this year??

  15. So beautiful. I love the colors. xx

  16. wHY do you have this thing that just makes me wants to cry everything i read your posts i demand to have some too!!!

    (hehe ily)

  17. This is sooo lovely dear. :)


be kind.