February 17, 2016

sleepy boy

it's been so long.
too long to say.
so i won't try
to fit it into 
this space.

the birds came
home today
crying again
and they
sang like
aspen leaves
and like
old friends.

it's been so long
too long to say.
but you are never coming back.
though you went away.


shout out to the people who have forgotten the opposite of in.


  1. WHAT.

    stop, da feels are real xx

  2. OHHHHHHHHHHHHH MAN. Dude...wow. This is something I have felt over and over in so many things and in so many days and you just-- boom. Worded it like the master. I wanna just like cry rn.

    And on a side note, the picture of the gray, crinkly leaves hanging up against the blue, blue sky. O_O

  3. i feel so dumb because i falL FOR THAT JOKE EVERY TIME AGH. *dies laughing* i'm like wait what. and then i realize. and then i laugh.

    i already miss that sleepy boy more than words. but things come and things go and we cannot always wait in the same place.

    1. life motto: wait what.

      i got you. and you got it. and wow. <3

  4. I love the mystery to your writing....it has me imagining the full story, what inspired the poem. The middle stanza is my favorite! The birds crying is such a powerful image and sound!

  5. I want to climb inside your words and live there for like ever. Oh my word.

    I can't right now.

    I feel so cliche and white but I CANNNN'TTTTT.

  6. Omgosh this. THIS. I just... Lovely. <3 Your words are so amazing.

  7. I'll just stay here a little while longer here in these words and maybe I'll feel washed. now heartbeats are slippery things but I would like to give you one of mine just be careful dear. you got this. <3


be kind.