May 5, 2015

We sit down and order.

Chicken fried steak. Milk. Something to share.

I laugh at her over the table, and she laughs back. We've had the time of our lives, and it's like we both know it's almost over. It's like we both know we've only got this meal left.

We both look down the table, catching snippets of conversation from those next to us.

She starts to talk. So do I. We talk.

My head is pounding. It's been a long week. A long life. I slowly realize how tired I am.

And then I stop talking for a moment. 

I listen to her talk about her book. About life. About simple things that are so hard to write about. For the first time, I don't have much to say. I nod and smile and eat and breathe. 

When did I stop doing this.

When did I stop listening.

I talk and I talk because I am all words but the cherubim are all eyes and all praise and they worship the Father.

Oh, to see with my whole self the glory of the Lord.

She grins at me, those silly blue eyes of hers twinkling as she cuts her food into little pieces. We laugh about it. About all of this.

How I long to be all eyes and all praise. 

Eventually, we have to go. It's late, too late for a little girl like me. We hug tight and hard, two friends parting for a while. And I realize that I know her better now. 

I listened. 

All eyes. All praise.

“‘Holy, holy, holy
is the Lord God Almighty,
who was, and is, and is to come.”

All praise.




  1. Wow, this was............


    And a little convicting too. Which is a good thing.

    Thank you. <3

    (p.s. 11 days!!!!)

  2. Oh, my Addy girl.


    I remember squeezing the life out of your hand and out of your entire body.

    I can feel the moon smiling down on us.

    I can remember the VI:), how I'm facing the crowd when we hug(talk about awkies when they're staring you in the eye as I'm trying to concentrate on saying goodbye to you XD it happens every time), and the pie on that thing on our table.

    And I remember the quiet praise from my soul singing out to God.

    *hugs tight*

    See you soon, Adelaide Thompson.

    adelaide thompson. >:-) why you go off and marry a broken soul, gurl. XD

    1. cuz i love dem broken souls gurlll.

      BUT SERIOUSLY. Yes yes yes. ♥

      See you soon, Candence Declan.


  3. oh my goodness. *falls over* <3 <3 <3

  4. Perfect. I can't fault it and I don't want to fault it IT'S BEAUTIFUL.

  5. what.
    and it's like everything is being thrown back and i am caught between memories and the pains of what it once was.

    loved you since the beginning.


be kind.