April 29, 2015

To My Girl

Dearest Future Daughter,

This world is too big for us, little girl.

I notice it more and more. People rush all around, making you crazy with their spinning and running. The earth groans and longs for redemption. I long to put my head under the pillow and cry myself to sleep. Because I am tired.

Because I am short of heart.

But what rescued state of grace we live in.

I pray for your spirit, that unrelenting light within you, and I pray for you to know your Father.

Though you are far away from me yet, and though I do not know if this letter will ever reach your hands, I know that you are loved more than you know.

Always. Forever. A fire love that crowns the trees.

And maybe I will see your face one day, and maybe your hair will be golden and your eyes just like his.

The fruit of my struggles.

And I promise that I will learn to let go. Run, my darling, run, run, run.

Then come back to me.

Chase the light. Chase the day. Take every good thing from the world and steal them away to the hidden places in your heart where they shall glow like tears from the Moon.

Oh, precious girl.

You will be an emblem and a storm, and I will do my best to raise you like a sunrise. It's going to be hard, and slow. But at the end, we'll be bathed in light.

I'm scared right now. I'm only a girl myself.

But when you are this age, I pray you read these words and know your Mama loved you even from the beginning. And maybe you'll see that she knew.

She knew the world was too big.

But she knew that the circle of her universe was formed in light and fire by her Rescuer.

One day, you will be almost sixteen. Maybe your hair will be long, and maybe you will hate green beans. Maybe you'll read instead of doing your schoolwork. Maybe you'll run out into the night just because you want to be free.

And if you aren't any of those things, you will still be my daughter.

And I will always love you.

I promise.


p.s. details about the secret thing soon! (hint:justkiddingnomorehints)


  1. Oh my gosh... this makes me yearn for a daughter, even though I am technically less than 20 years young before I get married. >.<

    xoxo Morning

  2. But if you don't like green beans, I won't be your adopted aunt.

    Love, Jess

    P.S. I'll probably get roped into it anyway. As long as you're not afraid of bubbles.

    1. You know you'll get roped into it because you'll love her. XD ♥


  3. Dear Future Mini-Adelaide,

    Hi, I'll probably be your godmother. *pointed look at your mom* (just kidding sort of XDDD)

    You will come to my house regardless and I will serve you green beans until you eat them.

    And I will secretly give you Echinacea and vitamin C and all those things that keep you healthy and your mother will be impressed at your high immune system and we will just laugh at her.

    Lots of Love,

    (seriously though this was really beautiful. Thanks for sharing. And I want to know about the secret thing. *sputters lips*)

    1. *dies laughing*


      heheheh you can never know. ♥


  4. This is seriously beautiful :')


  5. This is beautiful! You are so talented!

    Mary Shelley

  6. Dear Future Daughter of Adelaide,

    There are a great many here offering to be your Aunt and Godmother, but I am going to add to the list of your many adoring peoples, and say that I would gladly be either of those for you during the times in which you wish to run to California and go shopping at the mall, or enjoy the over-crowded San Diego beaches (unless I am living in Oregon then, in which case we'll figure out something better to do with ourselves).
    I won't make you eat green beans, if you don't to. Instead we'll have Starbucks and Panera, and ignore the fact that we're gaining weight until we try on dresses. Then we will go buy yoga pants and tank tops with the intent of working out in them- which we won't end up doing anyway. <3

    Your Favorite,
    - Auntie Jordy


      This is perfect and now I'm sad you don't get to be MY Aunt. Because every little girl needs her California to run to. ♥♥♥


  7. This is amazing! What a sweet idea! Such touching words.<3

  8. aww....this was so sweet <3 and this might sound weird, but like you know Paul wrote the letters to Timothy and stuff? This like reminded me of that...whatever.

    1. NO THAT'S SO AWESOME. I didn't even think about that.

      Thank you, my darling! ♥


  9. Oh my, this is an amazing idea and piece of writing!! Your wonderful ideas seem neverending :) <3

  10. Ahhh this is so beautiful it got me teary! <3


be kind.