March 17, 2017



what's up friends? i'm laughing super hard because this is super exciting and it's my best friend and it's fun stuff and *shrieks*

exciting thing: CALLY AND I ARE HOSTING A GIVEAWAY. *claps* also i just sort of copied and pasted the entry stuff that cally already typed up because i am a parasite and she's brilliant. ehee.

(but don't worry, i'm not one of those people that copies stuff and changes all of the names except one so it's super obvious and stuff... haha no who would do that like come on please)
*goes to make sure she changed all the names*
to enter --

in order for you to enter this giveaway, you must answer the following question in a comment on this post. If you don't answer the question, then your comment won't be counted as an entry.

please tell me why letting go is worth it. if you're not sure it is, please tell me why you're going to do it anyways.

but wait -- (haha cally u so funny)

You can also gain another entry by commenting on the post that Cally has on her blog over here. 
two entries. come on. i want that. i want to enter in this thing. *pleads with cally*

what's included --

-some rad patches
-a mail hug (by marc johns)
-handwritten letters from the best letter writers around
-and some sweet surprises

the deadline --


and i think that's it! as i said, super stoked about this. *happy laugh* thanks for the lovins.

p.s. go comment on cally's post too, because i like her. and it'll better your chances of winning. mwaha.

p.p.s. we can only mail inside the States. so only U.S. residents please. unless you're from canada and you're willing to barter maple syrup for postage. then hit me up.


  1. pls let me enter our own giveaway awfheheala. ALSO BECAUSE I LIKE YOUR QUESTION I'M GOING TO ANSWER IT. *sneaky laugh* huhuu.
    sometimes holding on is like holding a hot potato. you want it so badly (because potatoes are absolutely delicious), but it would hurt you more if you were to hold on. so letting go is worth it. you'll let that potato cool off and then slap some butter on it. then tastiness comes next. but yeah, sometimes God gently pulls away our fingers, telling us to let things go.
    He knows.
    He's good.
    so that's why I let go. because He takes care of me, and I know that He is good -- no matter what.

    1. you win. have all the things. giveaway is over. but also you already won all of my love so who's the real winner here.

  2. Why do I let go? This is more of an essay question answer than Cally's. XD

    How about I tell you a story? Once upon a time, there was a little princess. Well, she was little in her heart and in her faith but rather long and lanky otherwise. She had a friend that she didn't know very well, but had communicated through letters because that was her favorite thing to do. That friend happened to visit the kingdom where the little princess lived, and so she decided to go and visit her at the villa in which she was staying. They had a wonderful time, and while the little princess was there, she met a handsome prince. The handsome prince was a follower of the True King, like the little princess, and something happened within her heart that had never really happened before. Confused, she went back to her home palace and sought counsel with the True King. It seemed, she thought, as though He approved of the prince, and a little light grew in the little princess's heart and she cherished it and named it Hope. One day, the True King called unto her and told her that she should spend a season at the villa where she had met the prince--to learn what the custodians of the villa had to teach about the King. With Hope burning brightly within her chest, the little princess set off to do His bidding, wondering what the prince she had met would think when he saw her. It seemed to be so much the guiding hand of the True King, bringing them together--but she had to be patient. And so she waited, and Hope burned brightly, and she fell in Love. And perhaps...perhaps the prince had noticed her? She rode on the lighthearted cloud of her Hope and Love for several weeks of her stay at the villa until one day, a letter appeared addressed to her from her beloved sister--the only one, other than the True King, who knew of her feelings for the prince. As she read it, her heart shattered into a million pieces and she fell to her knees to weep--for the letter detailed the account of the prince's engagement to a princess of another kingdom--one far more qualified, far more beautiful, far more worthy--at least, that is what the little princess felt as the wound reached keenly into her innermost being. She wept--she had never wept so hard. She had never been so very in love, so it hurt to fall so very hard to the reality of hard ground.
    But as she sat on the edge of the lake, rocking back and forth with tears painting her face and carving out her aching soul, the True King approached. She was afraid--afraid that He would be angry. But He was not angry. He sat down next to her and placed his hands on all her wounds and held her closer and tighter than she'd ever let Him before.

    The Lord wants to give you something, but your hands are full right now. That is why you must let go. How can He fill your pockets with jewels when they are full of trash?

    Do not be afraid, my friend. Where there is emptiness to fill, Christ can fill it. And He will. He does. And He is so much richer than anything else that you try to fill those holes with.

    1. do not be afraid, my friend.

      that's ringing in my ears dude. SO MUCH LOVE. SO MUCH FIGHT. AMEN.

  3. (Just wanted to answer it, even though I can't enter) -UK RESIDENT-

    Letting go. The tone behind the verbs has more than one meaning (several in fact) but let's focus of the main two. Failure and freedom.

    You only fail if you let go of a passion you love, enjoy and cherish. If you're letting go upon the bases of a struggle, fall back or a tough patch, then letting go is not worth it. If a puzzle doesn't fit, do you drop it? or try another one? That is the same mentality.

    Now let's see the other side. Letting go of negative feelings is worth it. Breaking free from chains of sadness is a remedy within it self. Letting go can mean the start of a happy adventure and meeting new friends along the way; never do anything you're unhappy in, but push those boundaries. Break free of your comfort bubble and try new things. That is why letting go is worth it.


    1. (I didn't check my writing as I was in a rush. Apologise, if there is mistakes)

    2. HEY. i really appreciated these words, martin. letting go because of fear or pain, like you said, is definitely not worth it. but letting go for a chance of freedom, that's important. i'm a fearful-ish person typically, and i've been marveling at the freedom that comes from cutting old chains. the mercy of God keeps me going then, after the chains are cut and the taste of freedom starts to scare me too.

      thank you. x

  4. "Please tell me why letting go is worth it?"
    Letting go is worth it because it allows you to see the joy in your present life. To put your whole heart and effort into the present time by not looking forward and not looking back. It's not forgiving, forgetting, minimalizing, or sliding into apathy. It's deciding to move on and focus on the 'here and now'. It's stopping yourself from giving time to things that no longer exist. That is why letting go is worth it. Because what is happening in the present is so much more important to heed than regretting and reliving the past. Letting go is something we all need to do in order to live life to its fullest and find Christ. There is no gain in not letting go . . . we have nothing to loose by choosing to let go and move on—not forget or forgive—just move on and let our hands be no longer filled with the past. Letting go is hard, but it is so worth it and so necessary.
    It's worth it.

    lavender & blue

    1. it's stopping yourself from giving time to things that no longer exist.

      WOAH YOU BLEW MY MIND. it's worth it. i think that's the truth i came to as well. it's painful and frightening, but worth it. and that makes all the difference, doesn't it.

  5. Letting go is worth it...because you can finally be free. Free to be yourself, free to fully love on others, free to fully engage in a relationship with your King and Savior, free from the burden that has been holding you down for so long, free to do things you would have never imagine doing with that thing you have been holding on to, free to accept the love that Jesus has been waiting to give you, free to live life, free to laugh and smile, free from that pain that hurts you until your ready to give up but don't, and to be free from your guilt and shame. Letting go is so so hard but so worth it because you are finally FREE and nothing is going to be holding you back.

    1. you are finally FREEEEEEEEEEEe.
      *happy scream*

      that's the pulse in my veins right now. Easter came and went and it felt like the grave was simply split open, and there was nothing left to be afraid of. it's all freedom and hope from here on. and even in the struggle, to stay in freedom and Light, is worth it.


  6. *strokes beard*

    Letting go is worth it because it's the right thing to do.

    Ta-da. *bows*

    1. *dies laughing*

      i can't believe you won with this answer. good grief. x

  7. CRY do international shipping soon ok babe ???
    i'm not even kidding this is a NEED not want hehehe

    i am so excited for all y'all lucky souls U & CALLY ROCK xx


      u rock and we love u and we talk about u all the time so xx

  8. I thought I'd write you a little story as my answer. Is that allowed? I hope so. Okay, here it goes:

    I'm good at learning, always have been. I'm not great at forgetting though. The only connection I have to my past and the happy times gone by are in my hands, these letters from my best friend. The words are faded and the pages torn, but the words will always ring true.

    I start to read, "Forever means forever. Forgive, but never forget. Remember that and you will always remember me. Forgive me for leaving you so soon, but never forget the eternal and undying friendship we will always share. Goodbye." The last word comes out like a whisper.

    I kneel down in the lake and the edge of the delicate paper trails in the water.
    They flap helplessly, surrendering to the wind. Before I scatter them to the mercy of the elements, I kiss the letters and let them drift away, out of the lake and into the river, reaching the ocean eventually. Reaching nothingness.

    "I won't forget, but I will forgive." I cry out "I will forgive and let go."


    I hope you enjoyed...


      i had to sit in silence for a little while after reading this. it's so close to me, and the taste of the blood is still so fresh. it's hard to believe that it could all be laid out in such simple, beautiful words. forgive me for leaving you so soon.

      i love this. i will always love this, because it will always be part of my pieces. x

  9. wow, deep question. i'll keep it very simple. :)

    i believe to let go is to allow God to take that burden from your shoulders and carry it for you. you're no longer chained down to the past, no longer fighting an endless fight.

    and there's my blunt answer-- which is honestly very strange for me. i almost always have books for people to read hahaha.

    Jazzy @

    1. no longer fighting an endless fight.

      you know, sometimes those blunt moments do the most good for us poet types. we write books and books, endless words and more and more, and then all at once we use one sentence to say what we really wanted to say and really wanted to hear. and it's strong, and brave. and lots of things that we couldn't see before fall into place, through the power of saying little when you felt a lot. x

  10. Oh dear, this question is so much harder than Cally's. XD

    Letting go is's really hard. I guess because we always want to have control over everything, and losing that control is a scary thing. But if we're always trying to have control, then we're not trusting God that He has everything taken care of. We're fighting Him, and that's never a good thing to do, haha. So it's best to just let go.

    It hurts. And it feels like your chest is going to explode. But eventually the burden releases. Your shoulders can relax. And you can just breathe. Being able to move on is so freeing.

    I feel like I rambled so much but hopefully that was cohesive.

    1. it's really hard. but eventually the burden releases.

      AGH IT'S SO TRUE. and yep, i've been struggling with the pain of fighting God lately. knowing that my distrust, manifested in my fear, is so against the memories of His faithfulness and His goodness towards me. but i know this, that even when i am faithless, He remains faithful. and that's when i let go, you know? when it's all Him and never me. He is so good. x

      so much love. you answered beautifully.

  11. Letting go means letting God. Emptying your palms of anything but His Hands is the only way to truly hold on to Him. And that's all I really have to say.

    So excited about this giveaway-- what a fun idea and what a deep question. Lovely as always <3

    1. emptying your palms of anything but His Hands.
      *squeak of awe* oh man. that gets me. because it's so true, and that sentence is so full of Love and Hope that it makes me laugh and smile too hard until my cheeks hurt. there's nothing better than His Love. i want to stay there forever, just resting in it. holding onto nothing but Him. wow. amen. x


be kind.