November 19, 2016


   read this:

we don't belong here anymore. the words were a whisper of something i had heard before, and my heart said you were right. but when you said they had left us behind, i got that old wicked smile on my face. (the one i use right before i throw something.) because they have not left us behind, love. we have simply walked too far - right over the edge.

   and when you look up at the cliff from the bottom, you can't see anything that used to make sense. all of those old trees and those old valleys and those old faces...they're all gone. for a second, it's terribly sad. i know that. not too proud to admit it, i suppose. but you turn around, and those new trees and those new valleys and those new faces wash over you like starlight. and that's when you see how far He has brought us.

not because you can see it all behind you.

but because you can see it all ahead. 

   so, this one is for you. because we don't belong here anymore, but we belong there. can you see it? in the pictures? that's where we belong. they cut down the old tree beside my house, and it felt like i had died. and if my life was a box, you'd find a picture of us hanging from the crabapple tree, tied to a note that would say God Is Good. 

and i'd say, all the time.

and you'd say, and all the time?

   and i'd throw the picture into the wind, because that's where it belongs. we'd laugh, and we'd walk up to the house and go inside for supper. (i'm going to eat more cookies than you.) someone once told me that thanksgiving starts with a memory. guess he was right. can you tell how sick i am of all of this? of all this pretending? but you were right. we left them all behind. 

   and that's why this feels so unfamiliar. 

   God Is Good.

    let's go home.



  1. Love this, Adelaide (Addy?). So charming. :)

  2. your words, as always, are exquisite.

  3. i'm so scared of it all. you know. because i didn't want the change. we talked about it on the phone and i think that's why i'm scared.
    we were theirs and they were ours.
    but...we've left them behind.
    i see it everywhere i look.

    but i won't go. pinky promise. even if things change. even then. He is constant.

  4. omg yes omg yes omg. this is like a song where the music is slightly different to each person who is reading it, yet it is still so powerful.
    and gosh man.
    those sunsets.


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