January 22, 2015

10 Winter Survival Tips


10 Winter Survival Tips ~

~1. Drink lots of hot chocolate or tea.
Some of my favorites come from Starbucks, and they are best
when made with milk and heavy whipping cream.

~2. Wear lots of sweaters.
I hang mine by my bed and put it on right as I get up in the morning.

~3. Always have your trusty lip balm.
Burt's Bees is the best, and I love their Mango Butter one.

~4. Read plenty of books.
100 Cupboards/The Secret Garden/The book of Isaiah/Pride & Prejudice/etc.

~5. Take lots of pictures.
Go outside and watch the sunrise, the sunset, and the trail that the moon leaves.
It's good for the soul, and it's always different.

~6. Write.
Poetry, grocery lists, novels, letters, sticky-notes. Anything.

~7. Try some new recipes.
I recently cooked for my family, and found one of the best salmon recipes
ever. You never know what you'll find.

~8. Go on walks.
You'll miss some of the loveliest things if you just stay at home!

~9. Journal.
Every night before you go to bed, or every morning after you wake up. Winter
is full of thoughts that are special and important.

~10. Keep your heart warm.
It's a cold world out there, darlings. Make sure you grow differently.



  1. Lovely list my fellow Adelaide :) <3

  2. Photos in the wintertime are quite beautiful, as so are sunrises. My parents always complain as to why I get up so early in the morning during this time of year, and I simply state, "The sunrise." They aren't much of an outdoorsy sort, so sometimes they don't understand that most people tend to ignore the first gift and light of the day.

    xoxo Morning

    1. I know exactly what you mean. Sunrises are such a gift!


  3. 10 Winter Survival Tips (Hannah Joy Edition)

    1. Go to the post office every day. There might be a letter for you. There also might be nothing. Those are the sad days. Especially when you're waiting for Ninjago s3.

    2. Watch Ninjago. It makes you warm inside. Except when you don't have it and you're waiting for it. Just. Waiting. So long.

    3. Go to a warm place in the middle. I haven't done that yet. Two weeks until I go.

    4. Drink chai tea every day. Unless your cream got frozen so then it's all buttery and weird and it makes your tea greasy. In that case, it's better to drink it black.

    5. Wear fingerless gloves when you type. Unless you are too lazy to go get them. Maybe you should put them by your computer so you don't have to get up.

    6. Write the Cow SRTM. Or read it. Unless you see an insurmountable block in the way. Like if you have writer's block. Or are blind.

    7. Stay in bed. It doesn't ever seem worth it to get out of bed. Bed is warm and cozy and you can lay there and think about fun things and out of bed is cold and you have to do things like take showers and clean and forget to put the laundry in the drier.

    8. Read adoption blogs. They make you cry. I don't know why this helps anything.

    9. Do spinjitzu, if you have mastered that art. If you have not, you may want to rewatch all the episodes with Dareth, and completely relate to him.

    10. Write a list of survival tips when you're not in the best mood, so that you can reread it and laugh at yourself for being such a wet blanket.

    1. Wow, as much as this was a weird list, I love it. XD <3


  4. Sweaters :) Starbucks :) Journaling :)
    This is such a wonderful list <3

  5. Ahh I loved these! These tips make me feel all warm inside ☺


    1. Haha! I know! It made me warm to write them. :-D


  6. Winter.
    It's can be sweet, beautiful and calm, watching the snow fall.
    But, It can be angry, harsh and magnificent.

    (Thanks for the tips, I'm doing well.)

    1. That is a perfect way to describe it!



  7. check, check, check, check
    this is just the most perfect winter list!


be kind.